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Wanga Dolls Reviews

This Wanga Dolls review is for California Astrology Association (CAA) Wanga Dolls. Do Wanga Dolls really work? We found there are different kinds Wanga Dolls for your specific needs. It works if you find the right one from CAA.


For instance, if you are going to enter lotteries, play bingo, or want to change your luck, you may find Luck Wanga helps. If you are looking for love, friendship, wanting a past lover to return or a present lover to commit, Love Wanga is the best choice. If you are seeking money, wealth, material things, then Money Wanga is for you. You can buy your Wanga Dolls here.

I got my Luck Wanga Doll and went to bingo later the same day.  I won $200 on a special game and then I hit the jackpot!  I split it with another person and got $600. Thank you, Luck Wanga! I will not go to the casino or bingo without it again.

Jeannette, PA


For another instance, if you wang to split a relationship, cause dissension, trouble, Breakup Wanga is here for you. Sex Wanga is for those who seek sexual fulfillment, sexual pleasures. Wisdom Wanga will bring you wisdom, intelligence, and common sense.

Here is a testimonial for Sex Wanga and Love Wanga:

Years ago, I purchased a Sex Wanga and a Love Wanga after my husband and I divorced. I wished I had someone to love and a man in the family whom my son and daughter could look up to. Some time later I met a wonderful man and we married.

Three years into our marriage, we were growing apart and he told me it was my sex appeal. I cried and cried until I came across the sex Wanga and again I wished hard and he began noticing me more. We had beautiful twins and now we are a happy family. I still have those dolls after five years and I know my kids will want to inherit them!

Thank you,
J. P.
Dallas, Texas

You can find more Wanga Dolls from CAA as shows below:



All of them is $19.95 each. You can get your money back within one year from the date of your purchase if it doesn’t work or you are not completely satisfied, because CAA offers you one year unconditional guarantee.

Buy your Wanga Dolls at http://www.calastrology.com/wangadolls.html, $19.95 each.

Visit CAA’s official website at www.calastrology.com for other products.