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This website, American Psychic Directory, is to help people who have questions in their love, career, finance, health, relationship and so on and are looking for a psychic or medium to have answers to their questions. Our goal is to make this website as a premium directory for best America’s Psychics & Mediums.

psychic reader around your neighborhoodIn general, there are two ways to get a psychic reading nowadays. One is the traditional way, go to a psychic in person. For example, you may find a psychic in your neighborhood,  or in a psychic fair near you. You talk to a psychic face to face.

According to some research, which indicates that a large industry exists whereby psychics provide advice and counsel to clients. Some famous contemporary psychics include Miss Cleo, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne. Of course, it’s not affordable to have a private reading from these guys for general people. For example, John Edward charges $850 for a session that lasts normally one hour.Sylvia Browne and John EdwardThe other way is by phone or online chat. With new technology, this way is more and more popular, mainly because it has more choices and it’s more convenient and affordable for most people.

online psychic networksYou can find gifted psychics from the entire country with the help of reputable online psychic networks, like,,, etc. For instance, Psychic Source has been in this industry since 1989, and California Psychics since 1995.  Please find our reviews for these psychic networks in our review section.

In traditional way, you may drive hundreds of miles to see a psychic that your friend referred to you or a well known psychic who just lives far away from you. On the contrary, psychics from these psychic networks are just a phone call away.

For your convenience, here is a toll free number from Psychic Source: 1.855.263.2439. Their promotional price is only $1.00 per minute with coupon code 22951. You can call to know more about their service and pricing if you like.

psychic source phone numberAnother advantage to go with online psychics is that you can read reviews from other users just like you. The psychic networks we mentioned above not only have strict screen process to accept their psychics, but also provide feedback for each psychic on their website. By reading these feedback helps you find a good psychic that matches you best.

We also have to talk about free psychic reading. Now it’s possible to get a free psychic reading with online psychics. For example, Psychic Source offers a free email reading for any visitors to their website. What you need to do is send your question to them from an online form, and one of their psychics will answer your question and send back to you. You may send your question here.

If you are an individual psychic and want to post your business information on this website, please contact us.

The Best America's Psychics & Mediums